Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright Tough to rate this one...too much explaining going on coupled with a moderate case of an allegedly strong female lead who still loses most of her spine in the face of her alpha male waving his magic penis in front of her.

The old "I'm too dominant/pissed/annoyed/not interested to have sex, but oh wait, my body is betraying me by it's desire for that magical and wonderfully masculine pleasure wand and I just can't say no even though I want to or even if I do say no I don't really mean it anymore which is good because he won't listen to that word anyway' problem.

She does have more spine than some, and the story had some interesting features, and the dude really was trying to adapt, so it was not hate-worthy.

However in what world will a guy 'never hurt a female' yet still threaten to spank/blister her ass??? (Even if she does threaten to put a handprint on his face--I would like to point out she does end up with a handprint on her ass eventually--of course--but his face remains handprint free).

Or, 'who can't take no for an answer'...indeed this guy did not totally act that way and it really just seems to be some popular (why this is popular is a bit unfathomable) way to describe a guy to make the case for his alpha-ness. I really don't think alpha specifically equates to physical abuse, tying up a person and forcing a person to beg for sex (that magic penis after all) or refusing to let a person say no (as in 'no I don't want to see you right now yet you come into my room anyway').

Refreshingly (and not really in a good way) there is a scene where the female lead is drunk (so that's an excuse???) so the male lead tells her to stop trying to give him a BJ. She does it anyway, basically forcing it on him and, on the flip side of the the magic penis, she uses her magic throat (the one with no gag reflex) to suck him off anyway. He said NO. She pushed herself on him. He succumbed to her magic---but hey she was going down on him, so I guess it was okay. Hm. Not. Really.

Despite protests of the female lead from the last book this author did cave to the notion that between two dominants, only the one with the penis gets to be the most dominant. In an unfortunately too commonly seen situation, it's a case of an author writing a character as though she is strong, but still makes her the one who caves. Why, oh why, can't one of these feisty, strong, dominant females ever have a sex relationship where they don't end up submitting? It's not a problem for one person to be the more submissive, but this book falls into that old and irritating pattern that the female is set up to have a spine, but it melts.

At least this book had an interesting story line and the female lead didn't totally lose her ability to set boundaries...they just were a little too fluid to accept given the set up of the character.

I am much more interested in the next story getting set up, because one is dominant and one is submissive. Perhaps the story will be a little more consistency between inherent personalities/thoughts described and the actual behaviors exhibited.