Enthralled -  Meljean Brook, Alyssa Day, Lucy Monroe, Lora Leigh Lets face it...I read it for the Breeds. As USUAL a novella from LL is better than one of her books.

Devil/Due moved on the overall plot arc between books (and sowed quite a few kernals for future plot points), had a hot couple with a heroine who was not a doormat slave subjugated alternately between her own hoo-ha or the hero's spine dissolving hoo-hoo. From LL this is one of the better female leads indeed.

I'd wish for more fleshing out and a whole novel, but we know LL and/or her editor would fuck it up. There was one very annoying typo where the hero was making a big distinction between calling her Katie vs. Kate and you could totally see the point. Except 'Kate' was used both times. Duh.

Without 'knowing' the Breeds already this story would not make enough sense for new readers to enjoy I'd imagine. This is for the fans. Of which I am one. Despite the fact this is a pretty trashy/poorly edited series with too many of those spineless and/or obtuse and/or childishly stubborn heroine caricatures.

Well, the 5th magic star of an anthology is awarded here because one of the other stories was good enough I am now going to check out a series. That would be the Alyssa Day entry with the Black Swan story. Good enough for me to add a full priced book to my TBR pile (which is already overloaded). Hate it/Love it when that happens.