Hitched - Erin Nicholas Edited to update after finishing... these really belong under my private notes at this point, but it doesn't all ft.

Anyway, I found it still was a bit annoying in the end with her attitude towards her family, but she did move on. The problem was that when there is something that frustrating going on it magnifies everything else. Seriously, all capital letters for PAP is just not that big a deal, and the I/me thing is done by others without the need to vent. I guess I just didn't like this main (female) character enough, and I had expected to so I was disappointed. Oh well. All in all a fun multi-author series, but this was not quite my cup of tea.

My original comments before finishing:

I don't usually stop to write my opinions down when I'm only halfway through a book, but I am moved somehow. Hopefully, there is a little redemption at the end. The other three books were good enough I'll stick this one out, but seriously, aarrrggghhh!!!

I hate it when the author can't use 'me' and 'I' correctly. Maybe it's just a local way of speaking (grammatically incorrect), which seems kind of doubtful. This is especially annoying as the character doing this is a teacher (not sure of what yet, but still).

The author also needs to do a little more research on when a pap smear is indicated (or Pap, but really, PAP?) and how one really reduces risk for cervical cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables is a fine goal, but not a major factor in developing cervical cancer. Think HPV virus.

Before the Hot Nookie she states "I'm on the pill"...gee I hope so, I'm pretty sure she might have forgotten one or two when she was basically comatose for two days after boozing it up on top of having pneumonia. Oh, and remember that HPV virus thing.. C-O-N-D-O-M, not 100% effective but c'mon. THAT is risk reduction.

The main female character is a spoiled, self-centered, needy bitch with a martyr complex...which is actually a pretty amazing combination to pull off. She seems to be using the male character as an ego balm and source of fun. No interest in the real him, just the way he can make her feel good and 'forget' her troubles. Hmmm, kind of like she wants the happy-happy-boy-toy that is so abhorrent to the male character (considering that is what his Dad was). She does have the occasional mild epiphany about some these things, but really, just not feeling much for her. No redemption so far.

As for her self appointed role as the one one who is in charge of making sure everything gets done for her family? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Talk about enabling their lifelong dependency and inability to care for themselves. Losing jobs and failing college because she isn't there to tell them how to behave?? Yikes! They need to grow up and she needs to stop fostering this kind of attitude. Oh, and surely they can do their own fucking laundry.

Okay, now I'll go finish this book and I REALLY hope this is all just a manifestation of the main character's depression, not how she is at the core. Still should be using condoms though.