A Different Witch (A Modern Witch, #5) - Debora Geary This is a review for myself...I'm keeping tabs on the books I'm enjoying. Feel free to read this, but it may (or may not) be useful to you. For me I take the ratings literally--4 stars does indeed me "I Really Liked It".

Surprisingly (to me) this series continues to entertain (me), even without official bad guys or bogeymen. Everyone is basically nice (or on their way to nice) in an almost Mary Sue fashion, so it was pretty cool to see this story come along where the non-mega-gifted took a turn in the spotlight. A definitely 'different' witch indeed.

I keep expecting to lose interest (oh what a cynic I am sometimes!) and I love how this series keeps me going. Quite an accomplishment from this author and I appreciate her efforts! At least when I'm not in the mood for angsty, detaied hawt romance-y, military, sci-fiy-y, paranormal or otherwise odd ball stuff.

This is just FUN. And, it makes me miss Berkeley...and want to take a trip to Nova Scotia (fortunately I have a spouse who likes that idea!).