Model Soldier - Cat Johnson The Task Force Zetas are easy reading and fun military romances. They don't need to be read in order per se as each is perfectly understandable, however, it does make them better as a whole. Plus, her writing style is improving so it's more fun to read in order.

I do like most of what she has as 'authentic' military stuff, but once in awhile something slips (plus this is all Army-like and I know Navy stuff much better) but the little things can be's court MARTIAL not court marshal. That bugged me. Plus, remember to capitalize the ranks when referring to an individual--she does MUCH MUCH better than many writers out there, but again, a few slips (she forgot to get the Captain right a few times). Silly quibbly stuff that won't bother (or even get noticed) by the vast majority, but in case this author is reading and plans editing, well there you go. Who knows, maybe it's an Army thing and I'm all wrong about that last one. And if you are reading--please keep on writing, I enjoy these very much!