Having My Baby - Theresa Ragan Sorry to say this was very 'meh' to me. I was looking for something silly and frothy and cute after reading more of the angsty stuff and this one was supposed to fit the bill. I want froth, but somehow remotely believable and relatable froth.

I mean, of course there had to be the suspension of belief going on--since when does an anonymous sperm donor get any rights so obviously this was going to be a bit of stretch. Too bad there were just too many other things adding up to a big 'not-working' rating.

Now the following is just me ranting a bit at some about what drove me crazy, so I'm hiding it under spoilers so no one has to read it.

Seriously, you think you can book an appointment with a new GYN and they won't have you fill out a history and medical release to review your records before walking in the room? Sneaking out the back? Just who is going to pay for that medically unnecessary visit? Your insurance company won't and if you were paying cash, well then sneaking out the back kind of makes it fraud.

Oh, and I'm sorry, did you just have the best nookie of your life 3 WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH VAGINALLY???? I really had higher expectations from a 4 time mother such as this author--but maybe by her 4th she forgot what a hoo-hah might feel like after the first baby at least. BTW under what reality would anyone let their ALLEGED anonymous sperm donor in the room for the actual delivery?

Then all the little things, the hoe-down (oh so common in LA I'm sure), chasing down the dog which is then basically neglected until it became a convenient plot device again--I don't think locking the dog in the pool room is a reasonable thing to do, sorry. If the author can take the time to tell me what brand of shoes a character is wearing, then surely she can tell me the dog was set up with a sitter and/or some company.

And where is that girl's spine? Pining for a dipwad that leaves her at the altar, then allowing him to waltz in and run over a legal proceeding without have A CLEAR IDEA FIRST just what nasty tactics were to go on. So many allusions to her upbringing and her prior relationship but never was it clear how she changed (or really if she did...)

Oh well, the writing was decent though I felt that there could have been better flow and better ways to move the story along. However I did like enough that I will check out another one of the author's titles-- "Finding Kate Huntly" looks interesting and this title at least shows me the author has potential and is worthy of another chance. I hope.