Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I enjoyed this book as one that fits the 'man who sees the light and grovels' after being a dumbass and prejudging. I actually ignored the Hobbit on blu-ray to finish this up, I was so sucked into the story.

I only don't give 5 stars as it was very 1990s (which makes sense as that was when it was written) vs. 2010s. I usually can't stand the heroine who forgives too easily and really this one did. By 1990s it was a backbone she had but with my more modern sensibilites there was a bit too much of the control/domestic manipulation that she fell for (really, he threatens to go to her job site 'and make her job go away' so she will have to come back to him--that was distasteful to say the least, but for this story it was tolerable). Technically I would also have to say the father was engaging in a bit of the sexual exploitation and borderline human trafficking (if it hadn't been her father 'arranging a marriage' it sure would have felt like that vibe).

Again, I just had to turn back my clock to the 1990s and it was easy to stifle these feelings and actually jump into the story. A few silliness things (what up with the cigarrettes and the psychic links randomly happening) but just worked for me.

So read it with your 1990s glasses on and expect an admittedly fluffy plot line and enjoy!