Muzzled - June Whyte By three stars I really do mean "I liked it" in the goodreads sense and it'd be 4 stars on Amazon. I love the stuff about greyhouds and I really WANTED to LOVE it, but it just wasn't quite that riveting.

It's a fun, light read but it failed my 'can it keep me absorbed test'. I kept setting it down to do other things (vs the book I read after it that I kept shushing the family so I could keep going and ignored the Hobbit on blu-ray).

Basically a first person narrative from an Australian greyhound trainer who has a mystery on her hands. The pacing was a bit off and it depended a bit on things like a conveniently forgotten piece of paper in a pocket and delayed phone message type of stuff. Plus the heroine is one I sometimes want to slap silly for not keeping the police better informed.

There is lots of promise and with a few more books under the author's belt I can see a lot of enjoyment. I do plan to keep reading the series and will hope for some improvement (is it a greyhound book, is it a murder mystery, is it a comedy, is it a hawt romance--not that there can't be elements of various genres, but this one could use a little more focus and pacing).

In any case, I recommend it to anyone who likes greyhounds or is otherwise interested in a light read. I would also recommend downloading a sample from Ammy or doing a quick look to make sure the style is one you will find fun.