Bodyguard - Jennifer Ashley I had this one on my long list of cheap Kindle buys and finally blew the dust off and read it. I hardly ever read a series out of order but I fully expected to not want to invest in the whole series, so I started with this shorter, cheaper book/novella featuring my favorite flavor of shifter--a bear.

Wow is all I have to's a great read and far better written than my usual shifter-porn pile of reading. What a great surprise and it has done the ultimate job in that I am now getting ready to read the series in order. Pretty amazing as this was just supposed to be a bit of paranormal fluff in between reading the latest installments of some of my favorite series I'm working on.

This was really well done-- the details of the world unfolded without the 'internal musing' and 'explaining to oneself' trap so many other books fall into. Plus the female main character stays in character and is worthy of respect (no random falling before the mighty wang of power here....though there is wang action) and a male lead who is just wonderful. It's obvious this was a later installment in a series, but at no point did I feel like I had missing knowledge. Clearly there is more going on but nothing to detract from THIS story.

Time to check out the rest of the Shifters Unbound and the other series will just have to wait a little longer!