Forgiveness - Allyson Young I was sooo in the mood for "The Big Misunderstanding", followed by groveling and redemption and some kink.

Instead, I get stalkerish-controlling behavior with a side of brainwashing. Really, 'have her put on a leave of absence from work' when she wants to return to her job? (After already turning down a fabulous promotion for the men's sake...and what employer would allow this????)

Take away access to clothing and her phone? 'Spoil' her with good treatment while controlling her every move? Oh, and lets not forget the shaving of her curls to allow better access--curls she grew back and told them she wanted to keep.

Sounds like a classic domestic abuse situation. The "she's so wrong not to forgive us so we'll make her come back" vibe.

Indeed the so-called groveling fell a few quarts short on the mea culpas.

The roots of a good story are there but the execution is so stilted and stunted all it came off as a hot mess of ick-factor.

Add a not very sophisticated writing style and this title now has a privliged membership in my "Utter Crap" collection.