Jungle Freakn' Bride - Eve Langlais Oh brother--yet another supposedly feisty female (newsflash, just saying someone is strong doesn't make it so...) adamantly telling herself she'll stay strong but who caves in into being a simpering pile of spineless goo with open legs. 'Oh, my inner jaguar knows they need a strong mate, yet I still will beg for their hoo-hoo getting shoved in to my hoo-ha, preferable both at once'..or words to that effect.

I suppose the point is to show the mating hormones are overriding, but it gets tiresome to read. How about someone who says 'well geez, this is an odd situation, but hey I think I'll enjoy myself'.

How lucky she is the jungle dudes decide to 'allow' her to have some freedom after all. Oh, and 'give' her a credit card to spend how she wants. How fucking patronizing. Especially as she claims not to be a whore to be bought by baubles. Apparently it takes a penthouse suite with a large shower and an unlimited credit card.

In general I like this series but I'm so tired of the 'strong female' getting controlled by and dictated to by her supposed mates. What happened to love and being a team? Give and take? Or, how about a strong character who actually is strong by her actions and not by just a character profile description? Not one who declares something must be done and then caves.


On the plus side the world of this series is getting more interesting and the writing is getting better. I was not nearly so annoyed with the two 'h's of the last couple books.

I'll not write off the series yet based on this particular 'heroine'...but if this devolves into the 'must give up my alleged-spine and give in to the man/men who feel they have the hormone-driven right to control my access to friends/family/work/self esteem', well, no thank you.