B785 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) - Eve Langlais I'm REALLY wavering on this one...it could have been a solid 5 star (takes quite a bit to send it over to 5 star territory from me) but this time it has slipped to the point I'm almost dipping it to a three star (in fact that was my initial rating, but after a day I went soft and bumped back up to 4).

First of all, this author is great with the characters and has a writing style that pulls you in--what's not to love about that? Well, actually the problem is she toes the line of something awesome but keeps her stories a bit on the shorter side so it just feels like it's not enough. Really, another 50 pages or so (I have this complaint with many authors by the way) to really delve into the past events that shaped the characters and let them develop their story in a slightly longer fashion. Okay, that alone might keep this from 5 stars as 5 really means something awesome. I feel like this author could get there, but settles on the shorter novels.

Second, and this one did just drive me nuts personally, but might be just fine for anyone else. Basically, the nicknames (Prince Charming--or Charming for short-- and Princess) were used as proper nouns. As such, they should have been capitalized. Especially Charming...it was not an endearment but a name. Princess maybe could have gone either way, but the way it was used felt more like a name (as in the Princess to the Prince). It just happened to aggravate me.

The third thing is a spoiler...sooo be forewarned though I won't use a name in case you peek...

I hated the way the 2 cyborgs at the end got fried for being loyal to each other. Yes, they woulda-coulda-shoulda asked for help from the other cyborgs rather than being blackmailed into helping the military to save each other. Of course asking for help rather than obeying would have been more loyal to the cyborgs, but remember they are susceptible to programming and viruses and NO ATTEMPT was made to make sure they weren't being coerced in that fashion. NONE. Blow his head off.

Meanwhile, if one of the oh, say FEMALE characters had perhaps done something that appeared to be traitorous, well then, an investigation would have been made. It REALLY BUGGED me that there was no thought that brothers would place their loyalty so strongly to each other (Hello, Chloe and Bonnie anyone????) or that they could be forced into the behaviors that got them killed.

Really, not internally consistent with how the cyborgs would have acted if the females had done the same. No thought about override codes or viruses that could force behaviors when that sort of thing had been done before. Heck, they even alluded to ones being tried on Bonnie --but not successfully due to her own special features--so why not for some other cyborg not as lucky as she is in terms of skill set?

Seriously bothersome and the more I think about it, the more I want to regress this back to a three star...so depending on my mood at the last time I've looked at this book I'll either have a 3 or 4 star rating up.

I think this is one of my better space smut series to read and I wish this author would work in some more in depth plot lines for the future. I'll definitely keep reading her stuff but this one (and one of her Freakin's) have me a little frustrated. Still fabulous and what bugs me may not bug others AND, well, this is her world and she can do what she wants :).