How to Survive an Amazon Forum Troll Attack: a Writer's Guide - Michele Foal At risk of appearing on any 'lists', I must say this was an absolute hoot. The content will give me a great deal of solstice should anyone do so much as respond in any sort of unkind way to my written words (I am a creative genius after all, it says so in the book—I write, therefore I am a genius).

They’re was laughter, their was tears, grate prose, wonderful use of grammer, and commas, more commas, are awlays better, I find. Awesome facts and research so other authors and I could fact check (but I won't because I don't see why I should). The support and advise, so freely given, totally made my day. Thank goodness for such help, at times I fear I am loosing my mind when mere readers question my speshialness.

Oh, and after my in depth internet research, I have discovered that if some horrible TROLL were to look at my profile, let alone try and find out my real name, he/she will instantly be GUILTY of Stalking me. Says so right in Minnesota Law Statute Sec. 609.749. The TROLL will know or have reason to know I would become frightened by such an unreasonable (and SCARY) act of someone trying to read a profile I put on the internet all by myself. In fact, it even says there is “no proof of specific intent”—only my reaction to such an invasive (to me) action. Oh my, I feel so threatened that someone is even reading this. Stop, stop right now! YOU CRIMINAL. YOU TROLL CRIMINAL. I have evidence.