Drool Baby - C.A. Newsome This is one of those indie books I'm very happy to have stumbled across. Well, actually, I stumbled across the first book, and then followed up with this one once it was out--I even stalked the author's facebook the last couple weeks to make sure I didn't miss it's publication date. I did enjoy the predecessor story, I just did NOT like the ending which was left hanging. I'm happy to say the story arc did get tied up and finished with this one.

Basically this is a story about characters, that is wrapped around a murder mystery, with quite the little psychopath in the center. I would recommend reading this and it's predecessor, A Shot in the Bark (A Dog Park Mystery) (Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries) consecutively and pretend it's just one story.

The characters are fun to read about, the murders are mysterious at first, and get progressively more ominous as you start figuring out the culprit. It might have been more fun to have the other characters a little more fleshed out and some of their off page activities brought onto the page (but hey, that's what sequels are for).

As far as being 'indie' it was pretty well done--I add this because many readers get frustrated with books that are posted 'too soon'--this is not one of those at all. The flow was a little broken up here and there, and a few times I kind of said 'huh, where did that come from' (the interesting hacker character was a little too conveniently and fortuitously introduced) or the main character was being a little obtuse (but if she were perfect she'd be boring). I only noticed one or two typos and absolutely nothing distracting.

It feels like the author wrote partly by liberally using real life people and pets to help populate her book with, and it's fun and lends a bit of familiarity to the scenes. Definitely a light read right up the alley of those of us who are devoted to our dogs and have ever hung out at dog parks.

Not high literature but a good fun read, and you should read "A Shot in the Bark" first for this to make sense.