The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training - Dawn Dais Complete 'meh'. Granted some of my issues were that it was published in 2006ish, but really, a walkman?

Even taking into considerations regarding listening devices, a book like this for the complete neophyte should have more specific and better advice on the so-called 'covered' topics. Not so much really good advice, like bras for instance--basically buy a bunch and pick one that works. How about something more specific with ideas on WHERE to find a good bra. Shoe advice was even worse, basically go to a shoe store and listen to the salesman. Um, sure, as long as you make sure it really is a REAL running store. The advice given was vague enough that I'm not sure everyone would get that.

As for her tongue-in-cheek cynicism it got old real fast. A little is funny but too much and it was a drag of a whine fest. Add all that to a really vague training program and all that I can say is that this was pretty unsatisfactory in terms of time spent.

Just my opinion and I know others found it hilarious...just not me.