CNN-- "Are we too quick to cry bully?"

My first attempt to add something volitionally to my 'blog' here (everything else seems to be my GR reviews that were imported and I have barely begun to sort through).  

This article has some very interesting points about what is and isn't bullying, what used to be 'hurt feelings', 'teasing', or even just plain old 'fighting'. 


Using the word 'bully' for every disagreement, hurt feeling or whenever outraged lessens the power of the word for those who are bullied---like those who are followed from site to site, thread to thread, doxxed, and harassed in 'real life'.  


Also from the article  "If everyone's a victim," she wrote, "then no one's a victim.". 


"Bully", "hater", "jealous", "spiteful" "abused".  All have becomes words of reduced meaning, thrown out when a speshul snowphlake uses if their sense of entitlement has been hit with reality.  


The words used to have a powerful meaning, well now, not so much and those who feel the brunt of the real thing, now are lessened.